Myungha Jang

Ph.D., Research Scientist at Meta


I am a Senior Research Scientist at Meta. Prior to joining Meta, I earned my PhD in Computer Science, with a focus in Information Retrieval, from UMass Amherst working with James Allan in the Center for Intelligent Information Retrieval (CIIR). During my PhD, I worked on detecting, modeling, and explaining controversy on the Web. Here is a copy of my CV and Google Scholar.

I occasionally write things in my Korean blog So Dabang. I'm also an asipiring Youtuber, though it's not always easy to find time to create new videos when I get busy with work.

How to pronounce my name: You can think of it as pronouncing [Mee-young-ha] fast. Check out my my tutorial video .


Jan. 2022 I'm serving on a panel to discuss the trend of AI research and career in Silicon Valley at AIAI 2021 workshop .
Fall. 2021 I gave an invited career talk at Sungshin Women’s University, Ewha Womans University, and Yonsei University.
Mar. 2021 Our U.S. patent, "Methods for automated controversy detection of content", has been granted!
Sep. 2020 Our paper, "Explaining Text Matching on Neural Natural Language Inference" is published in ACM TOIS.
Jul. 2019 I'm serving on a program committee at the 3rd International Workshop on Mining Actionable Insights from Social Networks (MAISoN) 2019, which is co-located with ICTIR 2019, in Santa Clara, CA.
Feb. 2019 I started at Facebook.
Jan. 2019 I successfully defended! My PhD thesis is available online here.
Jan. 2019 My PhD defense talk will be on Jan 24th, CS 151/150 at 2pm - 4pm (see the abstract). My thesis title is "Probablistic Models for Identifying and Explaining Controversy".
May. 2018 I passed my proposal defense! [PDF]
Apr. 2018 Our short paper, "Explaining Controversy on Social Media via Stance Summarization" has been accepted to SIGIR 2018!
Mar. 2018 Our paper, "Visualizing Polarity-based Stances of News Websites" has been accepted to ECIR-NewsIR Workshop!
Jun. 2017 Our paper, "Modeling Controversy within Populations" has been accepted to ICTIR 2017 [Slides]
Feb. 2017 I will be interning on the Facebook Search Team in Menlo Park, CA this summer!
Oct. 2016 I recieved the 2016 KOCSEA Graduate Scholarship.
Aug. 2016 I won a 2016 SIGIR Student Travel Grant for CIKM.
Aug. 2016 I recieved the Best Poster Award at UKC 2016.
Jul. 2016 Our short paper, "Probabilistic Approaches to Controversy Detection" has been accepted to CIKM 2016.
May. 2016 I won a 2016 SIGIR Student Travel Grant for SIGIR.
May. 2016 Our paper, "Automatically Detecting Controversy on the Web" has been accepted to UKC 2016 .
May. 2016 Our short paper, "Improving Automated Controversy Detection on the Web" has been accepted at SIGIR 2016!
Dec. 2015 I passed my qualifying exam and now am a Ph.D. Candidate!
Sep. 2015 I served as a student volunteer at ICTIR 2015.
Jul. 2015 I served as a short paper reviewer at EMNLP 2015.


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